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When Nigerian Kids ask parents for lunch money







That little girl was killing it!

Our parents were fashionistas


Looking at old pictures of my parents in Nigeria, I’ve come to appreciate how stylish they were in the 60s. They were looking fresh at every occasion. Apparently at Nsukka, people used to dress up to go to class. Even just a regular get together meant dressing up and looking presentable. It’s a bit odd to see them looking young and fly like that because I don’t know those people. I just know them as my parents, not those hip, fashionable young people in old photos. Apparently, after my sisters and I arrived, their hipness and fashion sense vanished. That’s what happens when you have children. See what children do? Do you see? haha

Our parents no dey carry last


Apprehensible - Titus Agbara


As our mother told us - Titus Agbara


by Vicki King

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Boko Haram abducts 200 schoolgirls in Borno ›


Suspected Boko Haram insurgents on Tuesday abducted no fewer than 100 girls at the Senior Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, following a violent attack in the town.

Eyewitnesses said the girls who were in school preparing for their Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination were abducted at about 3.00am.

Mr Joseph Walama, a resident, said the attackers numbering about 50, stormed the town in a convoy of Toyota Hilux vehicles before unleashing terror on residents.

“They arrived in the town at about 10.00pm in a convoy of no fewer than seven Hilux vehicles and took control of the town and set fire on residential and public buildings,” Walama said.

He said some of the attackers engaged in mass looting of food items, while others harassed residents at will.

“Then suddenly they headed for the Senior Secondary School, Chibok, which is a WAEC examination centre.

“Some of the teachers and students took to their heels on sighting them, but they eventually abducted those who remained in the hostel.

Pray for Nigeria.

Nothing keeps people away from Christ more than their inability to see their need for him or their unwillingness to admit it.

My pastor used this quote in his sermon on Sunday - it’s so true! (via salvagedbytheartofgrace)

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Hanging out with some beautiful ladies today! #Nigeria


An Afro-Indian Dance. :-)

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Fanzy feat. Flavour - Paulina

Nice upbeat song from Fanzy featuring Flavour